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We specialise in designing and developing e-commerce platforms for selling virtual goods such as digital music and licences, online courses and downloadable software.


We not only connect the right people to the projects but also support them with our know-how and support. The routine during daily work might minimise creation of thought-provoking solutions and out-of-the-box ideas. Working with clients provides your brain with new knowledge and meaningful feedback.


Since 2015 our Team has been hard at work developing websites & web applications using Python/Django, JavaScript/TypeScript. We have been combining our passion for programming with modern and powerful tools to meet demanding and comprehensive needs that our clients have. At Bravelab we understand that the needs of our clients change every day. We believe every project is unique and requires an individual approach that will lead to its successful completion. Our method is simple: 1. We listen to you and your needs, 2. We understand the real scope of work, 3. We build a lasting product.


Modern workflow

including Agile, remote workplace & flexible hours

Team building events

to create memorable experiences together

Regular 1:1 health checks

o ensure your well-being 

Self-development opportunities

to support your professional growth

Quarterly Profit Sharing

allowing you to benefit from the company's success directly

Sports and medical packages

to prioritise your well-being on various levels


✔️ Partnership As a team, we believe that every achievement is thanks to a spirit of collaboration. We see our firm as a single boat navigating in a single direction. This principle makes us work together stronger and build every project according to the client’s expectations.

✔️ MasteryWe love our work and make our clients satisfied. We strongly specialize in web platform development using specific technologies like Python and JavaScript. As part of this philosophy, we select the projects Bravelab can participate in according to our ethics skills. This selection makes us give our best to every project and client.

✔️ TransparencyClear, honest, and timely communication is crucial to successful cooperation. It encourages good coordination and understanding inside our team, especially with our clients. This principle enables us to work under the highest ethical standards.


The whole process consists of three steps:

  1. Send CV - You send it. We review it.

  2. Cooperation Talk - 1h meeting focusing on getting to know each other, testing your subject knowledge, soft and organisational skills.

  3. Skills Screening - Finally, we want to get to know your technical skills - time for an independent test task or pair-coding.

The process involves several people from our company and the final decision will be made together


  • Bravelab has enabled me to work on long-term projects with Python, which I am a big fan of. This allowed me to acquire new skills that I use on a daily basis. It is important to me that Brave has always treated Python as its main programming language. I appreciate that the company cares about people, supports their development through training, workshops and English lessons.
    Senior Python Developer
  • I have been working at Bravelab for several years. I have always had interesting projects in which there was no boredom and I could learn something new in each of them. I appreciate that my needs are important to the company's managers, and I can turn to them on any topic. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the people are open. It is also nice that everyone can have an impact on the development of the entire organization by getting involved in the life of the company. But I especially value the balance that the company provides between professional and private life, which is extremely important to me.


    Senior Node.js Developer

  • Working at Bravelab allowed me to gain skills and independence. I have been supported and appreciated at every step of my career. What I value the most is the company's transparency and working with people who create something like a family atmosphere. I can talk to anyone and turn to any problem, where I am listened to and receive help. Brave takes care of its employees by organizing various events, meetings and trainings.


    Senior Python Developer

  • Bravelab created the perfect development environment for me, which helped me become an independent developer. I had the opportunity to work with very experienced people and participate in many development projects. I always felt that I was listened to and could express my opinion on various topics. I really appreciated my time at Brave, I met a lot of great people with whom we created something like a family.


    Regular Fullstack Developer

  • Not afraid of doing even the most difficult tasks and proposing innovative solutions. They don’t avoid challenges, rely on new technologies, and - most importantly - always carry the projects through from the beginning to the end.


    Senior Python Developer