Who we are

A boutique Software House

Bravelab is a Software House based in Krakow. Our firm designs build, and optimizes custom-built Web Platforms for a wide variety of industries, from e-commerce and e-learning platforms to Media, and SaaS companies.

Our team specializes in Python and JavaScript, with a special focus on Vue.js, GraphQL, and the Jamstack approach.

About e-commerce, we develop sophisticated platforms using one of the latest technologies in the field called Saleor.io

Bravelab is more than just a software house, and I realized that right away. It's the kind of organization that encourages everyone to speak up and take part in decision-making. Bravelab empowers me not only to grow professionally but progress in my personal life as well. The work never gets boring and there are always new areas where you can challenge yourself.

Aiden Campbell
Frontend Developer


Projects & Markets

For over a decade, we have developed more than 90 projects for over 45 clients from the USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Poland, Norway, and Germany. Our experience meets clients' expectations as well as fulfills the most demanding needs.

Since joining Bravelab, I have had a great professional journey. The 2+ years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. It is very motivating to join a company and take part in its growth. I was changing alongside the company and it was a joy to witness.

Szymon Zmilczak
Senior Python Developer

Work principles

Our core values

Over the past years, we have developed a philosophy that earned us a reputation for a company that delivers. This philosophy is based on the following three main principles:

👉🏽 Partnership
As a team, we believe that every achievement is thanks to a spirit of collaboration. We see our firm as a single boat navigating together toward a single direction. This principle makes us work together stronger and build every project according to the client’s expectations.

👉🏽 Mastery
We love our work and make our clients satisfied. That is why we strongly specialize in web platform development using specific technologies like Python and JavaScript. As part of this philosophy, we select the projects Bravelab can participate in according to our ethics skills. This selection makes us give our best to every project and client. 

👉🏽 Transparency
Clear, honest, and timely communication is a crucial factor in successful cooperation. It encourages good coordination and understanding inside our team and especially with our clients. This principle enables us to work under the highest ethical standards.

Flexible hours, weekly dev meetings, participation in conferences and courses, competent and friendly co-workers all together create a great environment to grow in the software development world. I have never met a team with whom work was so productive, creative, and enjoyable.

Jarek Szymla
Senior Python Developer

What do we do

We develop /web/ platforms

We create software for our clients by providing two types of services: full-service projects built from scratch and outsourcing teams for our clients. We have carried out projects from various industries in the field of event and ticketing, content distribution systems, SaaS platforms, and many others.

We have been collaborating with start-ups, scaleups, software companies, and marketing agencies. In the future, we plan to focus on a specific market, e.g. productivity tools. In addition to business tasks, we actively participate in events, conferences, and meetings with people from the IT industry. We focus on Web Development with an emphasis on programming applications with Python & Vue.js. We have been also experimenting with Saleor.io and Sanity.io

Why we exists

What we stand for

We exist because we love to solve problems for our clients using Python & Vue.js. Bravelab was settled by Mariusz Smenżyk in 2015. Mariusz was a Python Full stack developer for about 10 years. We love to build an organization based on a continuous learning approach. We believe that empowering each employee will cause the growth of the entire organization.

Plans for the future​

Currently, our company is hiring 18 people. We are going to grow 50% year by year in terms of revenue and we want to be one of the best Python & Vue.js software houses located in Cracow within three years. It’s been happening since 2015 and here you can see where we are now: https://clutch.co/pl/web-developers/krakow/leaders-matrix

The recruitment process

The whole process is in English and consists of three steps:

  1. Screening call - up to 30 minutes

  2. Technical interview - up to 1h

  3. Summary & decision meeting - up to 1h

The process involves several people from our company and the final decision will be made together.

Empowerment is one of the most important values which I discovered during my career here. Bravelab's approach to doing business together increases the degree of autonomy and self-determination. Bravelab enables me to overcome my sense of powerlessness and lack of influence. During my adventure with Bravelab, I feel comfortable and I know that my work has a lot of sense and we are going together in the right direction.

Mateusz Bryzik
Frontend Developer

The office

ul. józefitów 2/7, Cracow


2 km from the center of the Cracow